Tsotsi essay questions

Who is the protagonist of this novel? Summarize as briefly as possible the single change which occurs to the protagonist during the course of this novel, taking care to specify whether this change is mainly one of fortune, moral character, or knowledge. Trace the progress of this change through these detailed stages: Show how each step advances the involvement, and how it changes the relative strength of the alternatives.

Tsotsi essay questions

Tsotsi, a story of how decency and compassion survive Advertisement By Bamuturaki Musinguzi Athol Fugard may have written his much acclaimed novel Tsotsi, 49 years ago and published it in ; it resonates with the current crime like robbery, murder and rape, the biting poverty, shuttered dreams and hopes in South Africa — partly as a result of the defunct apartheid system.

The Tsotsi, story begins in an illegal drinking dive known as a shebeen on a Friday night with four gangsters plotting to attack mine workers in the rail station returning home with their earnings. Their criminal repertoire included attacking lonely taxi drivers, or a darkened, deserted house in one of the white suburbs.

The four including Tsotsi and Die Aap surrounded Gumboot in the coach. It was Buston who slipped his hand into the pocket and took out the pay packet. They left him dead in the train.

Tsotsi is an angry young gang leader in the South African township of Sopiatown. He was the youngest of the four. He hated questions about himself and how no one knew anything about him except that he was the hardest, the quickest, the cleverest that had ever been and once somebody had tried to find out something and he was dead.

Tsotsi hated questions for a profound but simple reason. His memory went back vaguely to a group of young boys scavenging the township for scraps needed to keep alive. Before that a few vague, moody memories, a police chase and finding himself alone. One day when he was scavenging on the streets an Indian chased him away from his shop door, shouting and calling him a tsotsi.

So he decided to take on the name of Tsotsi. Tsotsi is an Afrikaans term for a hoodlum or a thug. In a sudden and irrational impulse Tsotsi brutally attacked Boston and nearly beat him to death.

One night, in a moonlit grove of the bluegum trees, a woman Tsotsi attempts to rape forces a shoebox into his arms. The box contains a baby, and his life is inexorably changed. He begins to remember his troubled childhood, to rediscover himself and his capacity to love, find mercy and sympathy.

He tried to give it water and bread soaked in water. He was chancing his hand at a game he had never dared play and the baby was the dice, so to speak.


He hid the baby away from the other gangsters in the ruins of buildings. Tsotsi forced Miriam Ngidi, an 18 year old mother of one to feed and clean his baby. The thought of that greedy, decrepit, foul-smelling bundle in the rags on the bed at her breast filled her with horror.

It was a violation of her body that brought to a sharp pitch the possessive, miserly twist in her nature. She fought down her disgust and went to work. Tsotsi heard the bulldozers and saw the dust a long way away as they razed the ruins of buildings completely to the ground.

He run and got there with seconds to spare. He had enough time to dive for the corner where the baby was hidden, before the first crack snaked along the wall and the topmost bricks came falling down, time enough even then to look, and then finally to remember.

Tsotsi essay questions

Then it was too late for anything; and the wall came down on top of him, flattening him into the dust. The racial discrimination that he observed while growing up under apartheid has greatly influence his writing.The dramatic film ‘Tsotsi’ instills a sense of hope that even the worst can change.

Tsotsi is an awe-inspiring film about a teenager who struggles for survival. The theme of redemption is prominent throughout Tsotsi. In the beginning of the novel we are introduced to Tsotsi and immediately it is apparent he is a hateful criminal. From the murder of Gumboot, we see Tsotsi does not have any regard for human life and he does not have sympathy.

However, after Tsotsi steals. Subject What to Study English decide if you agree or disagree with the statement usi 1.

You have a choice between a contextual question and an essay question. Question 3= Tsotsi = 25 marks Question 1 = Essay=50 marks You will get 7C/W topics. Choose ONE to write about. As you read the introduction, answer the following questions: 1) How might Fugard’s upbringing have shaped his perception of apartheid?

Tsotsi essay questions

2) What makes Tsotsi a particularly menacing brand of gangster? Related Documents: Tsotsi Verbal Essay Verbal Communication Essay examples LO, Describe a range of communication methods and . Tsotsi is the approved contemporary novel for Home Language Grade This edition has been specially prepared for schools.

It contains: • An introduction and activities • Analysis of the novel • Assessment • Sample tasks and exam questions • /5(16).

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