Nur403 nursing theory grid

Using a holistic approach, selected health behaviors which promote high-level wellness will be explored. Students will have an opportunity to clarify their own health values and assess their present health behaviors and life styles in order to make decisions relative to future health behaviors and lifestyles. Students must be admitted to the Nursing Program.

Nur403 nursing theory grid

Upon completion of the program, the graduate is prepared to: Use evidenced-based research to enhance nursing practice and promote healthy communities and diverse populations.

Coursework Academic Service

Collaborate with others to influence the social, political and economic trends in health care delivery and health policy. Analyze ethical, legal, and professional standards within the health care system.

Incorporate professional values, accountability, and responsibility into advanced nursing practice, education and administration.

Integrate knowledge, theories and professional standards of nursing and related disciplines into advanced nursing roles. Demonstrate competency in an advanced nursing role in serving a cultural, ethical and technological diverse society.

Deliver specialized care to culturally diverse populations through health promotion, disease prevention and health maintenance activities. Students take core and advanced courses covering theoretical foundations for nursing practice, advanced pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology, nursing research and advanced health assessment.

Nurse practitioner specialty courses emphasize the care of women and children, adult, and geriatric patients and their families. The total number of credit hours required is 53, which includes hours of clinical practice.

The curriculum consists of 15 semester hours of core content, 11 semester hours of advanced practice core content, 21 semester hours of nurse practitioner specialty content, and 6 semester hours of either thesis or non-thesis option.

Clinical experiences occur in urban and rural settings. Family Nurse Practitioner Outcomes: Interpret research findings to implement evidence based nursing practice. Appraise nursing and non-nursing theories to use in advance nursing practice. Demonstrate knowledge of the policy making process as it influences self, the profession and health care system.

Integrate ethical decision-making theories into professional practice. Apply knowledge and skills that are essential for advanced nursing practice in a variety of settings and the emerging health care system. Develop an appreciation for human diversity in all clients and health care environments.

Formulate health promotion and disease prevention strategies that empower clients to maintain health and healthy lifestyles. Incorporate professional values, accountability, and responsibility into advanced practice nursing.

Nur403 nursing theory grid

Master of Science MSN Nurse Administration The Nurse Administration degree prepares nurses to serve in a variety of leadership and managerial roles within the health care delivery system. The Nurse Administration curriculum consists of 15 semester hours of core content, 12 semester hours of nurse administration specialty content, 9 semester hours of electives in business or health informatics, or a combination, and 6 semester hours of either thesis or non-thesis option.

Business courses provide the student the opportunity to learn business skills that further enhance their administrative backgrounds, where health informatics courses provide a background in the area of informatics.

Use an evidence-based approach in the management of client care and administration of health care services. Engage in collaboration, negotiation and consensus building to effect change in health policy decision. Evaluates personal-performance based on professional practice, standards, ethics, core values and organization criteria.

Examines organizational, managerial and leadership concepts that impact health care delivery systems. Designs theory based strategies to resolve issues derived from dynamics that influence behaviors of individual groups.

Use knowledge of health care administration to advance nursing practice and provide quality health care services.LAS=Liberal Arts and Sciences, NR=Nursing, T=Theory, L=Lab, C=Clinical CCAP Credit: All registered nurses with a current, active RN license in the U.S.

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Find information about financial aid, grants, and scholarships for College of Nursing students. The College of Nursing uses a holistic admissions process. NURS Seminar II - Trans Adv Nur: 1 semester hour.

This course is a faculty guided experience that requires synthesis of nursing theory, research, and practice into an oral presentation and written research paper.

Prerequisites: NURS and NURS Nursing Theorist Grid Madeleine Leininger’s theory is call The Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality.

Because Leininger had degrees in nursing and anthropology, her theory had a combination of derivatives of both disciplines (Bibb, ).

NUR -Theories and Models of Nursing Practice Examples of nursing research papers for NUR in APA format. Review these examples in their entirety, get great ideas, find more references, save tons of time and get better grades today.

Paper & Presentation Requirements.


Professional Values for the BSN Student - for Theories and Models of Nursing Practice. Prepare a 35 - 50 word response in each box that describes your understanding of the values for the BSN nursing .

PPT - The Nursing Process PowerPoint Presentation - ID