Analytical report on telemarketing

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Analytical report on telemarketing

No problem — as he expected — BUT then he was faced with a new development … his email transmission company locked his account … punishment per se for using a bad list.

I want a refund! A week later his transmission company locked his account … before they even email blasted the list. Transmission company informed that their email cleansing service classified the list as a low quality list … and quality email transmission companies will NOT touch a low quality list … since doing so would damage their reputation with servers AOL, Gmail, etc.

Anyway, the victim called the email list seller for a refund, but after receiving voicemail too many times to tally … he gave up. She was a sharp marketer because as an extra quality control measure, she called us and asked that we append age data … just to make sure the names were really seniors.

Plus, we also discovered that the list was loaded with duplicates. Bottom-line, after eliminating all the duplicates and under age names, her ailment list dwindled down to 48, names.

She called the email list provider demanding her money back. Of course she did not want more bad email addresses — as the cost of cleaning the bad email addresses was too much.

Analytical report on telemarketing

Literally, the dollars might as well be flushed down the toilet. Yes telemarketing is tough, BUT there are some nifty and effective ways to generate long-term profitable customers via telemarketing. And studies have shown that a well targeted direct mail campaign will easily generate more responses sales than an email campaign.

Call the seller a few times. Sending your offer to email addresses like: Generic email addresses are very common with restaurant email lists, attorney email lists, and other business email list sellers.

These types of email addresses are an indicator that the email addresses were compiled from web crawlers. Why is my email response rate so low? This blocking of good email addresses is why an email blast to 1, names can literally have zero responses. Some list sellers will promise to send you FREE email addresses to compensate for undeliverable emails.

Whenever buying a business email list be sure to request phones for every record. Upon receiving your email list, simply call a random sample to verify that the email recipient does in fact work at the company.

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Is this really an affluent email list? Is this really an email list of seniors? One way to verify your email list is with a basic Demographic Enhancement Report. Of course other analytical vendors provide the same report. This link provides some good subject-line tips.

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Sure, some email lists are so cheap that there is not much money risk in trying. However, the time and hassle in dealing with a low quality email list can add up a lot of dollars. The myth is that you need tens of thousands of email addresses for email success.


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