A response paper on sonny blues a brother in need of help

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A response paper on sonny blues a brother in need of help

The story is told by the brother of an addict who is just now reconnecting with his sibling. Being in an industry so heavily surrounded by drugs, he sees people who change due to addiction. He also acknowledges that being on heroin is like his own personal hell, no one can help a person overcome addiction unless that person really wants it.

Sonny becomes addicted to heroin to the point where he could barely even stand. Sonny gets to the point where he can no longer support his own weight.

Having no ability to stand is symbolic of the way him and his brother are.

A response paper on sonny blues a brother in need of help

On drugs Sonny needs something, or someone in this instance, to lean on. His brother is not there for him so he stumbles deeper into his drug addiction.

Even though Sonny does not have that place to lean with him, the relationship he had with his brother helped him to drop drugs because he wants to be close to his brother again.

The thing that initially breaks them up is the fact that Sonny has started to hang out with different people, causing him to choose a different lifestyle. The people who he now calls his family are jazz musicians, who have most likely either seen the effects of drug abuse or are abusing them themselves.

The friends with whom Sonny is now affiliated are not good influences on his life. He decides to walk away from Sonny rather than watch as he slowly breaks down from all the harmful people and influences around him.

Although drugs had the power to tear Sonny from his brother, they also have the power to put them back together. Even though he is no longer in contact with Sonny he gets scared when he sees his name in the newspaper. He has seen that his brother did go through with drugs and is now worried that Sonny will die before he got to talk to him.

Even though he is worried about Sonny, he did not write him until he had gone through another death, and saw how much it affected him. Had Sonny stayed away from heroin he may not have made it into the paper and his brother may have never given a second thought to him ever again. Drugs make people worry because of how dangerous and unhealthy they are.

After learning that Sonny is addicted it bothered him for the rest of the day, and even for weeks before he finally decided that he is going to send Sonny a letter.

The possibility of death, and the suspicion of something terrible happening to Sonny haunted the brother all the time. He finally could not stand it and contacted his brother.

After he did get in touch with Sonny, he started realizing a lot about Sonny that he had not previously known. The brother finally acknowledges that Sonny is a strong person that is very passionate about creating music.

When Sonny becomes more into the music industry he meets addicts and it is much more common for people around him to be doing drugs. Eventually starts doing heroin too because it is normal in that neighborhood, and for musicians overall.

His love and passion for music leads him down the path that gets him to be surrounded by all of these people. He starts to act like the musicians he emulates by taking drugs. Many musicians he is surrounded by pressure him to do the things they do, and he does them so that he can be successful in the jazz music industry.

Although his addiction leads him down a road of pain and sorrow, it also helps him to improve the music that he made.

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Sonny has the talent to use his experience in a positive way. He translates his pain from fear and anger into passion and art.

When he plays the piano, everyone in that club could see the pain he had gone through. His music portrayed every emotion he has either due to the heroin or while he was on heroin. He slammed the keys as if they were the very thing that led him to drugs, and that is because they are.

The environment he is in reminds him of why he started drugs, which induces such great emotion. The reason that Sonny is such an amazing musician is because he makes people feel the way he does.

Before he has the hardship of addiction, he has not experienced any pain that deeply.Sonny's Blues “Sonny’s Blues” James Baldwin’s “sonny’s Blues” is a short story about the life of two brothers growing up in Harlem, New York during the ’s, in a society littered with drugs, violence, poverty and racism.

Obviously, one doesn't need to experience the exact same problems to feel sympathy; I just feel that it makes it a little harder to connect on a deeper level to Sonny and his brother. However, it wasn't completely impossible to relate, especially to Sonny's love for music.

Nov 29,  · "Sonny's Blues" by James Baldwin Because alongside the narrator here, we stare at it "in the swinging lights of the subway car, and in the faces and bodies of the people, and in my own face, trapped in the darkness which roar[s] outside.".

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A Response to The Short Story "Sonny's Blues" by James Baldwin In the end, we see Sonny plays blues in a club while his brother listens and this is when we learn that, the music helps the brothers to deal with their pain and suffering.

In the very beginning of the story when the narrator is reading the paper and he comes across the. The use of symbolism in "Sonny’s Blues" is very effective in conveying emotion to the reader.


One example other than the "ice metaphor" is when Sonny and his brother are riding in a cab and they head uptown in New York City, towards Harlem. The webs of musical connection are essential to the harmony and cohesion of James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues.” As a result, we must explore the spectrum of musical references Baldwin makes to unveil their delicate conjunctions.

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